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Let's face it, the internet has been around long enough for people to know how to click links, and what clicking a link does. We no longer need to tell people how to use a webpage.

But the real problem here is accessibilty

Website accessibility has been entering the spotlight lately, mainly because there have been numerous lawsuits brought about due to inaccessible websites. Imagine a visually impaired user using screen reader software to browse your website. These users often tab through the links on a website, and if they tab through to a link that is simply "Click Here", they have no idea what they are supposed to click there for


Everybody wants SEO for their website, top rankings, how can I get Google to find me and list me at the top...

Well, much like our screen reader users, Google (and all other search engines), use scanning software to crawl websites. 

Straight from
Avoid: Writing generic anchor text like "page", "article", or "click here".

Do you want to be ADA Compliant AND bring your SEO rankings up? Stop saying "Click Here".

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